Efficient use of feedstuffs is crucial for animal performance - utilize MCT  

Multi-carbohydrase technology represents the leading-edge of science based knowledge on the most effective use of feed enzymes. It leverages over 30 years of research to offer a much more comprehensive and sophisticated option than traditional approaches. CBS Inc. is the developer of the original multi-carbohydrase technology – now, redefined for a new generation. Multiple enzymes with multiple activities provide broadened capability to unlock the full potential of all feed ingredients, driving much higher nutritional extraction, efficiency and productivity.


Canadian Bio-Systems is committed to positively impacting producers on-farm ability to optimize animal performance. With the introduction of iNSPect, CBS’ online resource that enables producers and industry partners the ability to build rations and supplement with a variety of enzyme products. iNSPect analyzes the ration then cross references with the supplement and gives the user a report of the non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) portion of the diet that is targeted by the enzymatic supplement. This visual report aids producers in making the best decision on their animal supplements.


Take a new look at your feed with our Dietary NSP Report.


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